Optimize your game play for better results!

There are numerous approaches to advance and improve your game play on CS GO. Any CSGO player’s execution is affected by explicit settings that they have set for the game.

Change your Aspect proportion

Angle proportion is the overall flat and vertical sizes on your PC screen by cfg csgo, some make your view in game more extensive, and some limit vision.

  • Go into video settings
  • Change angle proportion

Points of interest:

  • 16:9 permits more vision of nature
  • 4:3 is prohibitive, however implies you have less data to zero in on
  • 4:3 is the favored choice for geniuses

Change your goal

Goal is the nature of your showcase, as 1280×720 and 5120×2880. Changing goal can help play, by diminishing the measure of pixels your crosshair can travel.

  • Go into video settings
  • Change goal

Favorable circumstances:

  • Higher res: Clarity and clearness. Mouse should coast more to arrive at its objective
  • Lower res: Lack of clearness. Mouse should float less to arrive at its objective

Empower the comfort

Empowering the comfort will assist you with doing bunches of orders in game, and is by and large accommodating.

  • Go into game settings
  • Empower designer comfort


  • Will permit you to utilize and empower different highlights

Changing your affectability in-game

Your in-game affectability is entirely critical to your play. It lets you arrive at your objectives with whatever speed you pick, and it is essential to discover what affectability suits you

  • Press tilde (~) in customer
  • Type “affectability X.XX”

Favorable circumstances:

  • Higher affectability: Speed
  • Lower affectability: Accuracy

The few settings recorded above will help improve execution on your CPU. They will likewise give your personal satisfaction enhancements, and ones that will assist you with fining tune your interactivity. Generally these will all add to you playing better and performing better.